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Revolutionizing Telecom Landscape with Invitech and BaseN

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Empowering Europe’s International Communications Landscape: A Journey with Invitech and BaseN 

In the ever-evolving realm of telecommunications and infrastructure solutions, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Hungary’s prominent telecom provider, Invitech, was set on a mission to deliver complex info-communications services to medium-sized and large enterprises, as well as institutions, on an international level. To make this mission a reality, they needed a dependable partner, and that’s where BaseN, a reliable IoT and Digital Twin platform provider, entered the scene. 

Invitech: The Visionaries of Hungary’s Telecom Landscape 

Formerly the Business and Wholesale unit of Invitel, one of Hungary’s major IT and telecom providers, had visionary plans. They aspired to launch a new Metropolitan-area Ethernet network, aiming for MEF 3.0 Company Certification to facilitate international Ethernet line services. The company had grand expansion goals. They then teamed with BaseN to enrich the solution with robust monitoring and customer transparency layers, which required a multi-tenant portal solution to their existing products and integration capability of already running data services. 

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Enter BaseN: Empowering Success Through Innovation 

Invitech needed to rapidly develop a new service based on hardware from multiple vendors, to expedite product market entry and obtain interoperability certifications. This critical service required a scalable, Invitech-branded, and transparent GUI accessible to various stakeholders, including their NOC (Network Operating Centre) and VIP customers. Additionally, they sought a versatile system for seamless integration with diverse solutions, vendors, infrastructures, and services. Invitech’s quest for a reliable partner led them to BaseN, a leading global provider of IoT and Digital Twin BaseN Platform. 

BaseN Platform provided a quick-to-prototype, reliable, and large-scale solution for shared data insights and enhanced performance monitoring. BaseN’s reputation for empowering businesses with flexibility, scalability, and reliability was further a perfect match for Invitech’s goals. 

Empowering Transparency and Reliability: The BaseN Impact 

The successful collaboration with BaseN reinforced Invitech’s position as an innovative services provider. On BaseN, Invitech successfully met market delivery targets and obtained international certification goals. They further attract and retain key Hungarian international customers. 

Leveraging BaseN’s inherent multi-tenancy and end-to-end performance monitoring, Invitech additionally gained real-time visibility into the performance of their Metropolitan-area Ethernet network and brought these insights to their end-users through BaseN’s customized user portals. The platform’s fault identification and Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking capabilities empowered Invitech to demonstrate to their end customers how the network could consistently meet agreed-upon service levels, ensuring transparency in service quality.  

Notably, BaseN Platform stands out for its broad support of industry-standard protocols, facilitating seamless integration with a wide array of equipment and services. 

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On BaseN, Invitech achieved more than just transparency and reliability; they also unlocked a host of invaluable benefits: 

  • Operational efficiency: Invitech streamlined their operations, making more efficient use of time and resources.
  • Tailored insights: The customized insights delivered by BaseN Platform helped Invitech save time and effort by providing the information they needed.
  • Efficient user experience: Invitech’s customers reaped the benefits of a more efficient and user-friendly experience through the tailored user portals. These portals were designed to meet individual requirements, ensuring customers got the information they wanted.
  • Competitive advantage through reliability: The reliability of the network has become a powerful competitive advantage for Invitech. With complete visibility into their network’s performance, they can proactively identify and resolve issues, ensuring their customers enjoy uninterrupted services and optimal network operations.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Invitech can now scale their networks as needed, free from the worry of performance issues. This newfound scalability and flexibility are pivotal in meeting the dynamic demands of the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape. Invitech’s ability to grow and adapt efficiently has been enhanced significantly, thanks to BaseN. 
Conclusion: A Partnership for the Future 

In the dynamic world of telecommunications and infrastructure solutions, the partnership between Invitech and BaseN exemplifies how collaboration and cutting-edge technology can drive success. As both companies continue to embrace innovation and excellence, they are well positioned to shape the future of Europe’s communications landscape and beyond. 

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